Aerial Photos and Video

Hi, this is Jordan of Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography, and in this video I'd like to introduce our Aerial Photos and Video Serivce, available today as part of our Property Spotlight and Hollywood Packages, or as an add-on to the Quick and Easy Package.

Aerial Photos and Video, or more commonly known drone shots, are the perfect way to show a prospective buyer the size, shape, and location of a property, and is the perfect complement to the traditional set of photos that every house needs. And in conjunction with our other services such as our signature walkthrough videos, virtual twilight photos, and 3D tours, help to provide maximum promotion and exposure on the most popular real estate search platforms. 

Aerial Photos and Video are still new to some agents, so let's all take a quick minute to discover what its all about together.


In our area, getting up the air for a higher perspective can have a lot of benefits. For one, many houses around town are either surrounded, adjacent to, or are just a short distance from water. The perfect example is right here in the little neck community of virginia beach, which almost every home has some sort of access to the bay. From the ground, many houses can’t really see the water, but from a hundred feet up, its obvious that you can be just seconds away from launching a boat or kayak. 

In a different example, imagine listing a 50 acre farm. From the ground, you can see that tree line is far away, but from the air you have an immediate sense of the true size and shape of the property, negating some peoples’ misunderstanding of that sort of size of land.

One more case is a normal neighborhood home that might be close to something interesting such as a state park or community focal points such as Virginia Beach’s town center or Norfolk’s downtown area.


Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography is proud to be the only local real estate media company to provide aerial photos and video as part of our standard packages, and also give the best value for money in doing so, as some other providers charge just as much for the aerial photos as we do for the entire Property Spotlight Package, which also includes the normal listing photos and a walkthrough video. Thousands of homes worth of experience and over ten thousand aerial photos produced per year mean you are getting the best possible service from Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography.


You will find our Aerial Photos and Video as part of our Property Spotlight and Hollywood Packages, as well as an add-on to the Quick and Easy Package, on our booking system at


If you have any questions or would like to discuss ordering this amazing service for your next listing, feel free to use the contact page on or call 757-665-8656 and we will be glad to help.