Matterport 3D Tours

Hi, this is Jordan of Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography, and in this video I'd like to introduce one of our most exciting and interesting services, Matterport 3D Tours, available today as a standalone service, or as an add-on to our standard packages.

Matterport 3D Home Tours are an amazing addition to traditional real estate marketing media and are a great way to add a little extra spark to your listing. And in conjunction with our other services such as our signature walkthrough videos, and virtual twilight photos, help to provide maximum promotion and exposure on the most popular real estate search platforms.

In my experience, only about 50% of agents have ever seen or heard about Matterport, so let's all take a quick minute to get on the same page.


Matterport is all about giving the viewer an immersive look inside a property. This means dozens or hundreds of 360 photos are taken and are accessible by walking through the house in a similar fashion to Google’s Street View service on the map. You start at the initial tour location and can click to nearby locations, just as you would naturally walk through the house in person. A great point here is that in contrast to normal listing photos, since you have a 360 degree field of vision, there is a lot better sense of how the home’s layout feels. In addition, you also get the function to zoom out and look at what’s called a dollhouse view which is an amazing way to further visualize the layout and how all the rooms are put together. 


With Matterport, you are able to have a 24/7 open house, which is available to walk through and interact with online, in any time zone, and from any location in the world. 


Recently, our local MLS has added the ability to link Matterport Tours to listings the same way that the typical virtual tour page is linked, so nowadays there is a lot better chance that they are seen by prospective buyers than in the past. The Matterport Tours are also flexible enough to be embedded on your own website or linked to Facebook and other social media and marketing platforms.


You will find the Matterport 3D Tour standalone service, as well as the add-on option, on our booking system at


If you have any questions or would like to discuss ordering this amazing service for your next listing, feel free to use the contact page on or call 757-665-8656 and we will be glad to help.