1. Do I have to meet you at the house to let you in?

    1. Not at all! We have full lockbox access so all you need to do it pick your access option from the dropdown when booking the shoot. We are happy to accommodate vacant lockbox, occupied lockbox, CBS lockbox, contractor box, meet the agent, meet the assistant, and meet the homeowner appointment types. **Note that if your listing does have a CBS code attached, we will need that code just like every other agent.

  2. What is your turnaround time?

    1. Standard turnaround time for photos is the next day and videos come the day after photos.

  3. Your site says that the property spotlight package includes "drone photos if appropriate".... What decides if they are appropriate?

    1. We carry the drone with us at all times, so typically, the photographer would use their judgement as to whether including drone photos and video would benefit the property listing. Factors include the spacing between homes, landscaping of both the home and surrounding properties, geographic location (near water, etc), proximity of public parks, and other factors, If you would like to request specifically that the drone shots get done, notate that request in the comment section while booking.

  4. What areas do you cover?

    1. We cover all of the Hampton Roads Region. Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth are within our standard coverage area and Peninsula Cities such as Newport News, Hampton, and Williamsburg are within our extended coverage area. Extended coverage area requires a travel surcharge of $25.