Real Estate Walkthrough Videos

Hi, this is Jordan of Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography, and in this video I'd like to introduce our Signature Walkthrough Videos, available today as part of our Property Spotlight and Hollywood Packages, or as an add-on to the Quick and Easy Package.

Walkthrough Videos, sometimes referred to as virtual tours, are a great way to show a prospective buyer around a property, and is the perfect complement to the traditional set of photos that every house needs. And in conjunction with our other services such as our virtual twilight photos, aerial shots, and 3D tours, help to provide maximum promotion and exposure on the most popular real estate search platforms. Specifically on Zillow, our video tours are integrated in to the listing page and Zillow actively promotes listings that include a video above those without.

Professional quality walkthrough videos are still in the up and coming phase in the real estate industry, so let's all take a quick minute to get on the same page.


A walkthrough video of a house up for sale is one of the best marketing tools out there, for a few reasons. When done correctly, the video serves as sort of a virtual showing, and moves through the house the same way that a person might look around during a showing. In contrast to still photos, the viewer gets a much better sense of the layout of the house and there is a more immersive experience. In a sense, the video could serve as a sort of virtual open house which is perfect for buyers that are out of the area or even service members overseas.


You may have seen videos out there that are shaky, too far zoomed in, improperly lit, among other issues, but this is nothing like that. At Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography, we pride ourselves in creating the best possible quality in everything we do, and the videos are no different. Professional cameras, lenses, and stabilization alongside thousands of homes worth of experience all come together to produce the most consistent and best quality walkthrough videos out there.


You will find the Signature Walkthrough Video as part of our Property Spotlight and Hollywood Packages, as well as an add-on to the Quick and Easy Package, on our booking system at


If you have any questions or would like to discuss ordering this amazing service for your next listing, feel free to use the contact page on or call 757-665-8656 and we will be glad to help.