Real Estate Listing Photos

Hi, this is Jordan of Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography, and in this video I'd like to take a look at the heart of our service offerings, photos!

Our two standard packages, the property spotlight and quick and easy package both include a standard set of your choice between 32 , 40, 50, and 65 photos that are done in 1 of 2 different styles.

In our instance, simply saying you get this many photos doesn’t tell the whole story, so lets take a deeper dive and discover what makes Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography stand out as the #1 real estate media service in the area.


This company was founded in response to a poor shopping experience I had years ago when looking for a new home. Everything that was in the ball park looked terrible online but surprisingly was a lot better in person. This made the search much harder as the primary method of looking was on the computer. You couldn’t tell if that carpet looked dirty because it WAS dirty, or it just wasn’t lit up properly. Take that issue and apply it to every other aspect of a house, and you can quickly see the issue I was facing. Wanting a change in careers anyways, that gave me the motivation to start Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography and raise the bar.


As mentioned before, we shoot 2 differing styles of photos, which both are of an amazing quality and can work for any listing, but some people may have a preference to one versus the other. In this first example, I will demonstrate our fusion technique which combines multiple natural light photos in to one finished shot that takes a little bit from each and makes the most of it. This relies on the natural light of the house to provide both the base illumination as well as the ambiance. This is the technique used for our Quick and Easy Package.

Next is the more advanced technique used in our Property Spotlight and Hollywood Packages, uses a studio strobe light for the base illumination and a second shot using the natural light to provide the ambiance. This results in more perfect colors and even lighting.


Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography is proud to be the only local real estate media company to provide these two techniques at the same time in our standard packages, as well as bundling walkthrough videos, aerial photos and video, and the virtual twilight photo in our most popular Property Spotlight Package. Thousands of homes worth of experience and great consistency between all of our photographers means you are getting the best possible service from Hampton Roads Real Estate Photography.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss ordering these amazing photos for your next listing, feel free to use the contact page on or call 757-665-8656 and we will be glad to help.